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Mission and values



Esperanzah! World Music Festival works to build a real bridge between music, arts and the compromise for the mobilization of the civil society towards a fairer and more sustainable world.


Esperanzah! World Music Festival and the group of men and women working together to create this festival keeps certain values that help us to reach the mission we aim and to build the world for which we fight for.


A participative and community ethics

Since its creation eight years ago, the organization of the festival goes along with the thought about the sustainable development. This is seen in the principle that makes us choose the artists, the collaborators, towards the awareness with respect to the problems that interest us all, for the invitation of the participants to suggest different performances, or for the responsible management of the environment in which the festival is developed, integrating the town of El Prat de Llobregat and its citizens to our project.  

Esperanzah! is much more than a music festival, it is a project intending to change the world, to see that other ways are possible to work. The associative area of Esperanzah is one of the main axes of the festival. The frame of the festival is an open space to all the social movements to show their projects, and in this way, make the public aware of what is being developed from the different organizations.

But the mobilization is not understood by the involvement of the citizens already associated, but what it is sought is a connection with all the people, starting by the voluntaries that will be found in every corner of the festival.

Unfortunately, the organization of an event at this scale generates certain amount of waste. Esperanzah! is a festival coherent with its principles. It is for this reason that all the associations and organizations involved in any activities during the festival must sign an environmental agreement.

With a greater number of collecting points, specific bins for the management of residues and the use of pre-paid plastic cups to maximize its returning and the recycling at the end of the festival, we want to reduce the environmental impact, and with this and other initiatives, to respect the environment of the Parc Nou and the welfare of everyone.

To receive 15000 people during 3 days a transport plan has been drawn. There will be an increase in the number and the ways to arrive to the festival both locally, with direct links from key points involving public transport, and internationally, with flights from the main European cities with flights plus a three-day festival ticket plus accommodation in the campsite pack.    

To arrive to the festival, there will be alternative ways to the ones offered by public transport or the car signalled, or how to arrive by bicycle or walking or even from the airport.

Moreover, an initiative will be promoted through the website and with a stand in the festival called "Eco-Mobil" that will allow the people taking part in the festival to arrive or leave in a shared car.

One of the main aims of the Festival Esperanzah! is to keep the horizontality, which means to check everything with the organizer group, from the invited guests to the associations and the experts taking part in the festival.    

People with reduced mobility

The accessibility of people with reduced mobility is assured: volunteering teams and specialized NGO's will be at the doors of the festival awaiting people with reduced mobility in order to help them moving around the Festival. Different signs will indicate the reserved places for people with reduced mobility, whom will also have toilets adapted to their necessities and a stand to get changed. And in order to enjoy the concerts, each stage will have a fenced area.

Kids, pregnant women and babies

Esperanzah! is also a festival for families. There will be available points in the concert area for pregnant women and two stands in order that families can change their babies.

The election of our financial and associative partners is a critical point. This election will be based on the ethical values of the festival, our social objectives and the fight towards a fairer and more democratic society.

This is the reason why we do not have any links with Coca Cola, Habana Club or Danone. Our "Experts Committee", made up of experts and people of the socio-cultural world, will be used as a consultation body about this kind of questions, studying every single case of collaboration with entities during the festival.

Inside the land of Esperanzah! neither the Euro or any other real currency will be able to be used. An own currency will be used during the festival as an imaginary one with which the participants will be able to consume, a consumption that will always be marked by the conscience.

The adventure of Esperanzah! starts in its town and its citizens. We are mindful with the convenience of the citizenship of El Prat del Llobregat, and for example, the first place from where the volunteering will be promoted will be amongst its citizens and its associations. In this way, the local distributors and their local products will be privileged.



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