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Trip to the Land of Esperanzah! (program)

With a program at both national and international levels, the festival puts the emphasis on the wish of being present in all the continents and it looks for the right equilibrium between "the heartbeat, the discovery and the headliners"

The festival will have two different stages geographically and artistically:

In this way, Esperanzah! hands over to the rock, to the cumbia, to the folk, to the tango, to the reggae, to the ska, to the punk... and so many other unknown and surprising styles.

Artists confirmed: Smod, Terrakota, La Pegatina, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Costo Rico, El Cabrero, Los Van Van, Muyayo Rif, Les Freres Guisse, Keziah Jones and Calima.

An outside wind cheers the Spanish Land!

From known artists to bands still to discover, the festival will mean a celebration of musical mix, and a collaboration agreement between El Prat de LLobregat and Floreffe will allow an exchange of artists between Spain and Belgium.

Stage Off'

The stage Off' values the artists that do not usually have place in the festivals or on the big stages of our country. The program will alternate to allow the flow between both stages and to allow people to listen to all the concerts, favouring in this way the movement of people around the different activities of the festival. 

The Square of the Possibles, Town of the entities

It is a place for the expression, the entertainment and the awareness of many social, cultural, environmental, cooperation and other entities.

At the Square of the Possible, all the entities will talk and will run activities and actions around the theme chose during the previous months to the festival.

The planet Zoco (Moroccan market)

Illuminated by the restaurants of the world and by different areas of craft market, the Zoco will be at the heart of the festival. Surrounding it, gardens, Berbers' tents, massage stands, crafts or natural fruits and different facilities and artistic acts: a walk around Tierra Esperazah! through a Zoko of solidarity, excitement and hope to change the world.

The Town of the children

Between the Square of the Possible and the Zoco we will find a space dedicated to children, where there will be entertainment prepared by our collaborating artists, associations and NGOs, as well as a circus area with proposals that will make people of all ages smile.

Plastic Arts

The artists will walk around the paths and gardens of the festival. The decoration, many of it and creative, that will fill this space and the rest of the festival will generate spaces of entertainment and will provide a spirit close to the festival.

This decoration will be developed through agreements with local schools.

Cinema Festival

In the festival we will have different Cinema Festivals, like the Festival Internacional de Cinema del Medi Ambient (International Cinema Festival of the Environment -FICMA-) that will show audiovisuals of different topics but always having in mind the axes North-South.

Different documentaries will be shown throughout the festival, having the possibility to assist to the conferences, explaining or analysing the different topics, always opening spaces for the critical and joint thinking.


We will have two campings, one for the volunteers that dedicate their time to the building of the festival, and another one for all the other people that want to enjoy the festival more than one day.

Press centre

The press centre will be responsible for the diffusion of the festival through the media: radio, televisions, press and digital media. It is formed by journalists and communication technicians, professionals and volunteers that will write and broadcast the essence of Esperanzah! The media releases information for all publics.

The unification of Esperanzah! with an international festival opens communication borders, doing a European diffusion of the event.

Radio Esperanzah!

The radio of the festival is an intern project that it does not pretend to become a radio linked to a communication media, since Radio Esperanzah! is a radio per se and ephemeral. Permanently connected to the festival via internet and by the modulated frequency and managed by volunteers, Radio Esperanzah! will get to all the urban area of Barcelona.

Through the discussions, meetings and reports, this special and ephemeral radio will deal with the different aspects of the theme of the festival, with the participation of other associative radios.

The radio will also be an account of the concerts and many other musical surprises.

Esperanzah! A different festival!

Esperanzah is completely different from other festivals around our territory. If you still cannot imagine how is Esperanzah! with all the things said so far, you only need to decorate it with a festive atmosphere, a special atmosphere created by both the entities and the volunteers taking part in it, by its cosmopolitan but at the same time family audience, by its street performances that can be found in every corner, by our buskers and by the camping... and all of this in a short distance to the Mediterranean Sea!



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